Made with
Plastics Unbound

Reduced clamping force
from 450tn to 100tn
(PC/ABS, 320x270mm)

Injection Molding Reimagined

Use smaller Injection Molding Machines with lower clamping force

The same parts can be made at much lower injection pressure and clamping force, thus allowing the use of smaller injection moulding machines. Or the same machinery can be used to mold larger parts.

Boost productivity

Multiple different cavities made easy, in a single mold, one cycle.

Savings on resin

Parts with variable/reduced wall thickness can be effortlessly produced, even at lower pressure/clamping force.

Increased yield

Fewer visual and structural defects, including warping, weld lines, sink marks and flow lines.

All made possible by an innovative, dynamic-tempering system that enables unobstructed flow. For each molding cycle, the system heats up the entire cavity of the mold before injecting melted plastic, and cools it down during solidification.

The ability to temper the entire cavity, even of larger molds, widens the applications range, delivers significant savings, improves the plastic parts, and creates a substantial competitive advantage.

The system is plug-n-play and runs with any injection molding machine. At the heart of the system is a patented long-life aluminium mold design that is easy to make at a lower cost. The mold is thermally driven by a high-performance, all-in-one thermal management unit, designed by Plastics Unbound and made in Switzerland.


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How does it change your business?

It is all about increasing your margins and saving capital. The gains begin with the considerably lower injection pressure, consequently the clamping force and machine size/cost reduction. Having larger parts or more cavities in smaller machines reduces cost as well. This is common across applications. The profit margin increases with every other feature used, depending on the application and challenge in hand.

An innovative process

The new process is based on proven principles and technologies. All equipment and training needed are included in the package.

Additional Features:

  • Many applications do not need hot-runners anymore
  • Wide gamut of thermoplastic resins can be used due to the extended temperature range (up to 250°C)
  • Low-pressure / high-flow design for easier deployment and enhanced safety
  • Industry 4.0 compliant